North American Arms Guardian .32
Caliber .32 NAA
Magazine Capacity 6+1
Operation Double Action Only
Material 17-4 pH stainless steel
Height 3.53"
Width 0.930"
Weight 18.72 oz. unloaded
Barrel Length 2.49"
Overall Length 4.75"
Trigger Pull 10.0 lbs.

North American Arms is proud to introduce another in a series of eagerly-awaited semi automatic pistols designed by NAA for the personal protection market. The Guardian .32 NAA is a new model built largely on the design of NAA's popular .32 ACP introduced over two years ago. The Guardian .32 NAA is similarly a 6+1 shot double-action-only pocket pistol built of 17-4 pH stainless steel.
The .32NAA cartridge was built from the foundation of an ordinary .380ACP case, necked-down to house a .32 caliber bullet. Behind the neck, all case dimensions and configurations, including the extractor groove, rimless case, cartridge diameter and bolt face engagement are identical to the .380ACP. Cor-Bon determined that a headspace on the shoulder allowed a solid crimp on the bullet, reducing the possibility of the bullet pushing into the case from recoil and chambering. After finalizing a case design which maximized case capacity of the cartridge as well as allowing sufficient case neck so that a bullet would be held securely, Cor-Bon spent several months testing a wide variety of bullets of different weights and configurations, finally settling upon a proprietary design from Hornady. The platform for this new system is the existent .380ACP Guardian, appropriately bored and chambered for this cartridge; no other mechanical changes were found necessary.

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